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MAGENTA is Dubai’s leading healthcare companies, operating under the celebrated Mawarid Holdings investment umbrella. MAGENTA extends Mawarid’s fifty year plus tradition of success into the healthcare sector.


We are the preferred healthcare partner and consulting firm of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East region. MAGENTA specializes in healthcare facility planning and consulting and offers clients our bespoke state of the art Health Information Systems (HIS).

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Quality Delivered via our team of unparalleled experts, we strive to provide the highest quality healthcare solutions.

Patient First Approach By maintaining detailed family health records over time, we get to know our patients intimately. We listen to their concerns and provide comprehensive solutions, in order to support our patients and plan their family healthcare. We set goals and help our patients meet them by providing resources for remaining healthy.

Community We have a commitment to serve the community and create partnerships with educational establishments, government, and other local institutions, which complement our healthcare provision.

Leadership We lead by example, providing innovative healthcare solutions for our patients and instilling a technologically advanced approach to diagnosis and treatment in our advanced facilities.


We offer high quality healthcare services that set regional standards and exceed patients' expectations. These are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective, and accessible manner, building long-term relationships with our patients.


Government Healthcare Institutions

MAGENTA collaborates with a variety of medical partners to provide their patients with the finest healthcare services. MAGENTA has been chosen to work alongside government institutions due to the positive results it has achieved in the UAE healthcare sector.


Manufactured under license by RPHARM/Russia, MAGENTA has also introduced the renowned AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19 into the UAE. As the sole authorized distributor, MAGENTA continues to provide this celebrated vaccine, given in over 3.8 million doses worldwide. By offering both these vaccines, MAGENTA continues to extend our nation’s effective solutions for combatting the current coronavirus pandemic. The company’s efforts have contributed to the UAE’s successful and significant reduction in daily case numbers from the January 2021 peak


MAGENTA Pharma offers an end to end solution via our strategic partnership with the Hope Consortium. With this collaboration, MAGENTA Pharma can offer outstanding logistic solutions for its vaccination programs from the point of receiving the shipments until the delivery to patients

Partners include:
Dubai Health Authority
Ministry of Health
Department of Health – Abu Dhabi

MAGENTA aims to be at the forefront of compliance management in line with our overall commitment to operating with the utmost consideration of ethics and transparency.