Magenta Health Transforming Care Delivery

A subsidiary of Magenta Investments, supporting the Public and private sector in transforming care delivery through cutting edge technology and innovative business model (Private/Public partnership) aiming at improving quality of care with superior clinical outcome and a unique patient experience.

Magenta Health

  • Key players in the regional Healthcare market. Partner of choice for Public sector, providing turn-key full solution, focusing on superior clinical outcome with operational excellence
  • Leading Healthcare transformation projects, using latest technology as an enabler and enhancing patient experience through digital platform improving access to affordable quality care
Magenta Health
  • Technology
    • Partnering with key international technology players to deliver an integrated solution (Diabetes with Medtronic, Oncology with Roche…)
    • Representing & distributing innovative cutting edge technologies
  • Out Sourcing
    • Become the supplier of choice for the Public sector in outsourcing critical care areas and disease management
    • Creating a network of key strategic partners across Technology, clinical & Operation to deliver full turn key solution
  • Digital Platform
    • Accelerate Digital transformation to improve efficiency & productivity while securing direct interface with patients through various mobile apps & digital platforms
    • Support public sector in automation and business intelligence
  • Projects
    • Develop integrated solutions for Chronic diseases through an ecosystem providing patients with full services (Diabetes, Oncology, Cardiology…)
    • Digital platform connecting Drs to Patients, supported by Home Care & Pharmacy dispatch with cutting edge technology