With the driving aim of providing transformative health services and hospital efficacy, Magenta Health delivers high performance systems and value-based care models into high-quality, cutting-edge facilities.

Vaccination Centers

As one of the greatest accomplishments of 2021, Magenta was tasked with the privilege of managing COVID-19 Vaccination Centers across Dubai & Northern Emirates. Ran under the authority of the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, Magenta has added an expert team at all the centers. This includes skilled clinicians and nursing professionals alongside customer service and operations team to ensure a streamlined experienced for all visitors.

Field Hospitals Audits

Continuing in great strides of the vaccine centers, Magenta with the authorization and support of the UAE Ministry has undertaken the responsibility to conduct audits of COVID-19 field hospitals operations. Ensuring the safety, quality and care of in-patients, our team of specialists and consultants, visit the field hospitals to perform detailed case reviews and assessments that is then presented to the ministry.

Healthcare Professional Sourcing

In line with the efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Magenta has also partnered with Abu Dhabi Health Services to provide manpower services in the UAE. We are providing fully qualified clinical staff comprising of critical care staff, doctors, and therapists to COVID field hospitals.