Magenta is the Official Distributor of the Two Innovative COVID-19 Vaccines to the UAE Market.

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

As one of the greatest accomplishments of 2021, Magenta was tasked with the privilege of managing COVID-19 Vaccination Centers across Dubai & Northern Emirates. Ran under the authority of the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, Magenta has added an expert team at all the centers. This includes skilled clinicians and nursing professionals alongside customer service and operations team to ensure a streamlined experienced for all visitors.

AstraZeneca Vaccine (RPHARM)

Manufactured under license by RPHARM/Russia, Magenta has also introduced the renowned AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19 into the UAE. As the sole authorized distributor, Magenta continues to provide this celebrated vaccine, given in over 3.8 million doses worldwide.

By offering both these vaccines, Magenta continues to extend our nation’s effective solutions for combatting the current coronavirus pandemic. The company’s efforts have contributed to the UAE’s successful and significant reduction in daily case numbers from the January 2021 peak.

Pharma Logistics Solutions

Magenta Pharma offers an end to end solution via our strategic partnership with the Hope Consortium. With this collaboration, Magenta Pharma can offer outstanding logistic solutions for its vaccination programs from the point of receiving the shipments until the delivery to patients.