About us

Magenta is an innovative leading healthcare company out of Dubai, UAE. It is a member of Mawarid Holding Investment and the Emirates Business Group, leading UAE investment and industrial conglomerates with a diverse portfolio across multiple sectors. Magenta is strongly focused on developing unique strategic partnerships within the pharmaceutical and healthcare services sectors and is committed to offering unique novel therapies, healthcare solutions and technologies. With a dynamic leadership team and an innovative business model, the company is committed to being a major regional player in enhancing health and transforming both preventative as well as curative care delivery models through advanced technology across the Middle East & Africa.

Magenta values
  • Magenta is dedicated to bringing to the market cutting edge healthcare solutions reaching patients in need
  • We put patients at the heart of everything we do and are committed to continually improving quality of their lives
  • Collaborating with the top industry players to facilitate delivery of innovating breakthrough treatments

The word compliance is derived from the verb ‘to comply’, which means, ‘to act in accordance with the rules. The business environment is an increasingly complex maze of rules and regulations. Legislation and standards are in place or being proposed for almost all aspects of business and industry. The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is among the most heavily regulated in the world. Today, that industry face unprecedented compliance challenges, and the close regulatory scrutiny to which they are subject is unlikely to abate anytime soon. Thus, the need to manage compliance issues has become a very important factor in the pharmaceutical industry. Businesses need to consider various, ever-evolving risks as they try to manoeuvre new countries and all the market driven pressures that come with them.

Magenta aims to be at the forefront of compliance management in line with our overall commitment to operating with the utmost consideration of ethics and transparency.

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